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Find your flow

5 Steps to effortless running - Join our online program and get moving!

This simple program will give you all the tools and training to get you from the couch to the finish line

Join the Go Run Right Tribe and learn how to easily improve your running with our 5 step approach. Develop your running style, become a more efficient runner and smash your goals.

Upgrade your shoes or upgrade your bio-mechanics, which will work?

As humans we are built for running

Through thousands of years of evolution we have been blessed with features that make us exceptional runners, yet we see that 79% of runners get injured every year.

The odds are not good for you, why? We should all just be able to run, right?

Modern life is great; we live in nice warm homes and eat lots of food, sit in comfortable chairs, wear shoes to make life easy, but with great comfort come changes.

The problem is that we have degraded our biomechanics. Our feet have got weak, are shoes are spongie so we don’t get good feedback and or movement pattern changes. Add a multiplier effect of many years and we have a problem.

This odyssey that lead me to build this program took me under the tutelage of the Vivo Barefoot instructor program, designed by famed Lee Saxby. Followed by 9 years of applying these methods and designing my own programming for 100’s of clients across London.

What is your vision of a perfect, effortless flowing runner?

When we think of Kenyan athletes eating up the miles across the savannas (some time shoe-less) does it look forced and strained or is there effortless flow that seems to bring a mystical happiness to their movements?

Want to move from where you are now towards that vision???

Let me ask you a question, what do you honestly think will help you move in that direction, wrapping you feet in more expensive materials or reprogramming you bio-mechanics?

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Let us help you move better, prevent running injuries.

Don’t focus on man-made solutions seek the answers in the body itself.

Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned runner, improvement and results are very elusive when it comes to running. You need an edge, something that is different from what the person next to you is doing!

Get the edge – Reprogram your habits, get the tips and drills to upgrade your bio-mechanics. It is not hard to reprogram it just takes knowledge and wisdom to understand what is happening to make a change.

What you can achieve with this program:

  • Improved running technique
  • Improved movement patterns
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Better strength to drive you through the correct movements
  • Flow and Rhythm to your running
  • An exponentially more enjoyable run – become a happy runner!

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Why can’t I just keep running with a free training program and up my miles to improve and get to my goal?

That’s fine, good luck. I have been down that road and without the proper input and feedback from a coach you will not every change your form to avoid injury and become more efficient. You need to gain some knowledge and wisdom to UPGRADE your running.

I think it would just be easier for me to join a local running club and train with them.

Joining a local running club is a fantastic idea! This will get you out meeting other runners and help with your training. The area it won’t help you in is improving our specific weak areas, a group training is poor at giving personal feedback the coaches just can’t get round everyone and give them a personal service. Results will be slow coming because you will be one of the herd.

OK, so I understand that I need to improve my technique but think I should get a face to face coach and work with them to get improvements faster.

Great, go for it a good idea. I would never dismiss this sort of investment in your future and to be sure there are some great coaches out there. However, make me a deal, if you can find a good running coach that will work with you over the course of 5 weeks and analysis you with technology providing up to date feedback for this price then I want their number!!!


A word on price

My goal is to get people running and make sure they run well and get enjoyment out of what I am passionate about, if I could give it away for free I would. We have put this package together at what we believe to be an unbelievable price. If you can’t afford it or think it is too expensive for what you get then I invite you to contact me and I will do my best to get you a further discount.

We have priced this cheaper than a good pair of running shoes in the hope that you will postpone the shoes and fix you bio-mechanics!


Bonus material - 1

  • The importance of bio-energetics – what is it and how to get it right.
  • Sleep and sunlight
  • Fuelling your body

Bonus Material – 2

  • Biomechanics of the foot and how to re-develop your natural runners’ foot
  • Focus – How mental focus can be the key in the lock

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Nick Quinton

Nick Quinton

Head Coach

Over 10 years ago as Physical Training Instructor I helped get raw recruits ready for one of the toughest selection course in the military. This gave me first hand insight into how people get injured and push themselves to hard to prepare for endurance events, the common mistakes we all make by just "going hard" and expecting good results. Finding imbalances, working on form helped get these guys back in the game.

The last 9 years have seen me working for an outdoor fitness provider here in the U.K. developing my skills and knowledge with all spectrum of abilities, especially focused around running. Getting people moving well and being healthy is a passion of mine and the greatest impact I have had to date has not been through pushing people hard and giving them grueling workouts but by imparting knowledge that is personal and specific to their goals. Finding imbalances, through analysis, and working on specific areas is how I have provided greatest value to people.

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